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Zucchini v Wiener

SAME or NOT - You be the Judge

Can you tell the Difference between a Zucchini and a Wiener? If YES, then you’re AWESOME and deserve to be successful!

In other words as long as you’re not in a COMA you deserve to be successful. Just get used to it.

You are taking the time to learn about the Basics. Make it a daily practice to listen to highly successful Marketers.

All the sugesstions and helpful recomendations are worth their weight in GOLD. Or VIRTUAL GOLD is you go for that sort of thing.

Maybe CRYPTO or NFTs are your area of interest. You can make Virtual Zucchinis and market them as NFTs with your new knowledge of Online Marketing.

These skills will earn you results regardless of your particular OFFER.

Don’t get lost in the size of the forest. Start with one or two income streams and remember everything you are learning can be re-purposed.

Once you get to the first Goal Post, treat yourself to a Sub Sandwich with Zucchini and Sliced Wieners.

Can the ‘OLD-DOG’ Learn Marketing? Probably.

An actual DOG can tell the Difference. Woof Woof.


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