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Get to the Root of IT

Get to the Root of IT

How Important is ROOT ACCESS?

Suppose you decided to set up a Dedicated Server giving you ROOT ACCESS.

We recommend this if you’re building a robust platform from scratch. It’s not actually necessary if you just want to build a website.

For building a site what you need is ADMIN access to the website and perhaps ADMIN access to a Virtual Server on a SHARED managed server.

Look at the opportunities – Menu Label MONETIZE – and you will find links to both options.

A server of your own still requires many resources. Web templates which you can edit will get you started.

You’ll need access to licensed images, videos, audio files and media editing solutions.

If writing is not your skill set then you may need to hire copywriters or learn about AI resources.

It’s a lot to consider but like any profession there are many skills required for success.

‘Dedicated Servers’ offer ‘Root Access’.



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