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Grilled Zucchini

Stuff - Bake - or BBQ. Welcome to MY world !

If you have spent time on this site you already understand this is not intended to be the actual training you require but rather inspirational.

RAC is really just a collection of thoughts that you can consider while planning your Online Marketing Strategies and Business Model.

The few Opportunities are intended to get you started and give you some direction regarding Digital Resources and Integration.

Once you are building your Marketing Structure you will begin to see which parts are missing and identify the required solutions for you.

It will require some time investment and financial planning with a lot of focus to really become proficient in Marketing and Automation.

The time you spend reading and listening to successful marketers is vitally important to your success and your team building efforts.

After you have built a successful model for generating Multiple Streams of Revenue you can decide to continue or expand your Brand with your own Idea for Online Marketing.

Your existing followers will make a great kick-start to any new venture.

Bake ‘Zucchini-Bread’ and earn at the same time.

Stuff Your Pockets – then Stuff a Zucchini.


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