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Multiple Streams

Irresistible Attraction and other Weird Physics

If you’re just hearing about Multiple Streams of Income you’re probably wondering why you might need more than one.

Shouldn’t one really great opportunity be the right thing to embrace? That would be a great question.

But isn’t it obvious that even large companies with a global brand seem vulnerable to market conditions.

Have you noticed the number of closures since the Work From Home paradigm has swept over the world.

Cliches like ‘Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket’ really applies here. Learn to Re-Purpose familiar Words of Wisdom.

Activating Multiple Stream protects you from unexpected events beyond your control.

Think of it as having a Diversified Portfolio of investments. Each one with it’s very own ROI.

The right one for you to start will be irresistable and compatible ones will seem to be magnetically attracted.

Tracking the ‘Markets’ is great for Practice.

Tracking Your Digital Wallets is a LOT more FUN!


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