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RAC is Fictionally Accurate

RAC is Fictionally Accurate

Digital RUBBER meets the Virtual ROAD

RAC is fictionally accurate in the sense that only within the story we tell, are we 100% correct. It does not mean that we are actually totally correct in the real world where the rubber meets the road.

Sorry, if you discover many mistakes on this site. Actually it would be a miracle if everything started out perfect and never had a flaw. EVER.

You might have heard that saying ‘The Rubber Meets the Road’. People will use that to challenge you with ‘Show me the PROOF’!

RAC offers an OPPORTUNITY to SUCCEED, and the encouragement to never give up. RAC does not guarantee you that you will succeed.

Besides, if you want the praise for your own success it begins with your never blaming everyone else for your failures in life.

Remember that we are all flawed people. We all make mistakes and sometimes we destroy our credibility and our creditworthiness.

RAC is about RESTORING something you have already been using and need to improve. YOU deserve to be successful and here is our process.

It begins with getting a new credit facility through a new loan and also developing multiple streams of income in addition to traditional employment revenue.

Remember that ‘First Car’ feeling. Re-Live it in your ‘Next Car’.

I don’t need a Drivers License to drive a Racecar. Game-On!


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