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Team Building with Stem Boosters

Team Building with Stem Boosters

Each Members' Growth creates a Growth of Members

Your network of Memberships are kind of like our Stem Cells. Each one has the Potential to become something Unique.

A lot of the final result depends on the structure of the original model. In this case we’re looking at a business model.

A great deal of that design is already visible by engaging with the community around each opportunity and very well demonstrated by the Cerule opportunity.

Still to be determined is how you will influence that core design and make a visible contribution.

Initially everyone shows excitement that you have arrived to participate and hopes for great success.

Regular attendance results in you being noticed and of course in a sense of common purpose.

It helps to take advantage of that recognition and re-purpose it in how you do Marketing, especially on Social Media.

Always remember that your invitees are looking to you to set an example both in attitude and in results. Share your success with Gratitude and Enthusiasm.

Create an ‘Event’ to ‘Introduce’ Yourself.

Watch Your TEAM embrace the Habit of PARTICIPATION.


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