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Time Travel is Obsolete

Time Travel is Obsolete

History: Re-Invented and Re-Purposed

If you have noticed that the History of the Human Race is fluid and not so fixed, maybe it’s not that difficult to Re-Imagine Yourself.

The new YOU can be whatever you describe yourself to be. Be consistent with your narrative and the message will resonate.

Don’t be phony, with a false picture of your success but do describe the Lifestyle you resonate with and be honest about your intent to achieve it through your new discoveries with new contacts that are like minded.

That way future conversations will validate your previous commitment. Being authentic will build success over time.

You don’t need to Time Travel to some Nostalgic Past or to some Utopian Future.

Build a perfect life right here in the Present and demonstrate the values you want to be known for.

Before the existence of modern day communications native cultures were known to pass down history verbally through stories from one generation to another.

That was their version of Social Media and perhaps we need to rely on ours to keep history acurate.

Dial Up a New ‘Dimension’ in Virtual Space.

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