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Starting a Journey of Restoration

Starting a Journey of Restoration

Addressing the need to Restore or to Build a better Credit Profile

For most people restoring a great credit score while dealing with a diminishing buying power from existing income can be next to impossible.

That’s why many people resort to bankruptcy, consolidation or restructuring debts and payments.

This can work in the short term until you find yourself back in the same place once again.

There can be a better solution. Create multiple streams of passive income and use that income to reduce debt, maintain a savings plan and acquire resources to hedge for the future.

More about resources in another post; but, ultimately you should be making a plan for your unique goals – and working towards it daily.

How to Accelerate?
  • Keep your core debts such as mortgage, auto and credit cards up to date and manageable. This way you exist in the credit rating system but are not controlled by it.

Just because your Journey is intensely personal does not mean it has to be lonely.

The best Opportunities are the ones with a strong community of Successful members. WELCOME ABOARD!

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