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Platform and CDN Resources

Platform and CDN Resources

Transforming the PLAN into ACTION

So you’re setting up a new website or creating an Ad Hoc Start-Up.

You’re going to need a lot of resources and more than a few services integrated into a smooth User Experience (UX).

You could just search and learn as you go. Flying by the seat of your pants as the saying goes.

What makes more sense is to find a mentor or online tutorial. Courses are fine but they tend to be less interactive.

With technology racing forward you have many options that would fit your style. Be critical and become the Interviewer, not the Interviewee.

Don’t be concerned about a diploma because this is your work of art.

This is an adventure and there is usually no road-map unless you are just modeling a Done for You concept.

Even a Timid start is better than Inaction.

When Going ‘PRO’ FREE eMail doesn’t cut it.

Any Secure eMail works until Launching an eMail Server.


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