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Orientation Week

The Lay of the ONLINE MARKETING Landscape

It’s probably going to take more than one day to get familiar with this site and all it can offer.

Even if you were to read several articles on each visit it would take more than a week to get through them.

Giving each of the Opportunities a sufficient review is best in order to find the right fit for you.

You would be spending a lot of time going forward on marketing so it makes sense to consider carefully. Factor in your lifestyle and how you can free up the time to devout to transforming your Landscape.

That’s one reason we call it Orientation Week and not Orientation Hour.

Of course, it’s also possible you are new to the concepts of Multiple Streams of Income and Online Marketing and that alone should warrant some concentration.

Always remember that this should be fun as well and not add to the stress of an already busy schedule.

Once you have a sense of the style and direction of the site you’ll be in great shape to make an awesome decision on how best to benefit from the platform.

Learning to ‘Work and Play’ well with others.

Growing UP together makes the EFFORT worthwhile.


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