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Roasted Zucchini

There is no value in 'Burnt' Zucchini! - Pick a different recipe. - Quick!

Counter-Intuitive Marketing at it’s BEST! Think about it.

Zucchini has absolutely nothing to do with Multiple Streams of Revenue. Unless you’re interested in selling recipes.

When you’re deciding on a theme for a PROMO or AD on Social Media; perhaps just a very compelling story will get readers to follow the ‘Bouncing Ball’ all the way to your OFFER.

You can also just ‘Re-Post’ or ‘Like’ a Music Video or Film Trailer and tell your audience how it reminds you of your Affiliate Community.

There are Unlimited ideas for the Marketing Solution you require. The best part of the Adventure is finding your NICHE.

Stay alert for how others do a similar strategy and model it’s format.

You’re not always trying to re-invent the wheel. Sometimes you just need to be visible and be seen to be attentive to the ‘Narrative of the Day’. Your viewers will be appreciative of your diligence and reward you.

You will get used to the concept and soon it will be second nature to your routine. Steady on, until you reach your goal!

Probably NOT a ‘Photograph’, Looks ‘AI’.

Is it a Zucchini or a Cucumber? Does it Matter?


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