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Leveraging Marketing & Automation

Search out a Bird’s Eye Overview of various Marketing concepts and decide what niche might be appropriate for your comfort level.

After you have familiarized yourself with a few types that you feel might work, check out the Opportunity for Communicate and Promote Combo and JOIN.

You will find resources for Marketing using Capture Pages and Landing Pages as well as eMail Automation in One Platform.

If you want to build a Landing Page in WordPress then you could do that as well. They even have Done-For-You templates.

Once you have some destination for Marketing you could use Social Media to promote the link.

Building a Custom Blog would really expand the options because if you post to your Blog then Social Media is great for Posting the latest Blog entry.

All of these ideas are possible to promote a link to Affiliate Offers. Once you have started and monetized the concept you can add more varied and Advanced methods.

It’s really just a question of how much time you can invest in earning a side income. That may very well depend on your Earnings and how Scalable the Income Stream is using your existing methods.

Most great offers will have training and suggestions on Marketing and Promotion as a way to get started so be flexible on strategy.

Leveraging the ‘STREET’ and Outdoor Media.

Counter-Intuitive ADS in REMOTE and EXTREME Venues.


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