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Product Intros

Announcing Your Latest Discovery Widens Your Audience

Even when the Opportunity has been around for years,YOUR joining the TEAM is all BRAND NEW!

You get to make a really BIG DEAL about how this is going to change YOUR life just like it has for so many others already.

Introduce the OPPORTUNITY to people who have never heard about it or give it a new perspective that you discovered on your own.

Build interest by sharing regular updates to your initial Introduction and create a growing audience.

Share the NEWS when you have more people joining your team and highlight the benefits of joining now in a Call to Action or Special Offer.

Engage with the Group if there are Social Media areas where you can comment. That way your invitees will see you when they also engage.

This is a great way to validate the decision people have made or are about to make regarding you being their SPONSOR.

It’s also a great way to share your strategy and have other people model their Marketing on ideas they saw you using.

Spread the ‘WORD’ about your new ‘ENDEAVOR’.



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