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Hills and Hurdles

Making ZERO to SIXTY your Personal Best

I went from ZERO to SIXTY in sixty YEARS. That may seem slow to you but I still know how to RUN a company – and how to RUN a campaign!

But, one thing I’ll never do is RUN for the hills. In the hills there are Actual Wolves and they are not tame.

It’s never a good idea to ‘Throw in the Towel’. Leave that to people who Box for a living.

That’s why we recommend starting with a new credit facility for your next vehicle. Move past that to the addition of new streams of revenue to help with the new payment plan.

Of course it feels like a Jungle when you run into difficulty. But remember how you got to where you are and learn from the experience.

Don’t trade the Financial Jungle for the Real Jungle. There are predators in the Real Jungle as well. And, they will actually Eat You Alive.

City life is a challenge but it comes with endless opportunities as well. Tap into your Inner Strength and overcome the Hurdles and other bumps in the road.

It will make the Celebration even Sweeter knowing that you never gave up!

There are CITY ‘Wolves’ and then there are ACTUAL ‘Wolves’.
Don’t leave the Financial Jungle for the Actual Jungle.


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