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A Celebration doesn’t have to be only once a year. You can celebrate every milestone of success.

If you are often posting on Social Media, consider what benefit you actually get from silly things. Begin to share professional events.

The Social Media giants are letting you use their platform for you to succeed. Post Responsibly and be Strategic with information.

Often it’s best to be general, even vague, and send visitors to another platform or domain that you control using a Capture Page there.

Don’t use Social Media to write the Book or even the Chapter, but rather bits and pieces.

Let the Full Picture be revealed after you get contact details. Serious inquirers will allow you to communicate things of value.

When you acquire a decent list of contacts, that is really something to celebrate. You must be doing something right.

Don’t be boastful, but do share how you are connecting with a serious audience. Others will be impressed and follow your lead.

Reservations for a ‘Fancy Dinner’ fits the bill.

A Mid-Day Power Lunch can set the Right Mood.


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